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A & W Construction Services Inc

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A&W Construction Services, Inc.


started in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in Miami, Fl in 1992. We operated like the old wild west down there for sixteen months and had some incredible experiences and accomplishments. Shortly afterwards, we started our Volusia County operations and incorporated in May of 1993.

Rick Abercrombie, Russell Wittenberg and Eddie West are the three principal partners at A&W Construction Services, Inc. The three had worked together for another plastering company for many years before they decided to join their talents and form a new company. Their friendships are the core to the success of the company to this day; they learned early on that you can pull more weight by pulling together then by pulling separately.

Over the years, we have built a very successful team at A&W Construction Services, Inc., and calling it a team is accurate. We run the office and field like a sports team; coaching rather than dictating, listening to our employees and customers to make changes for the progress of the company. We have many employees who have called A&W Construction their home for over 18 years. Our common conservative nature has been instrumental in surviving the latest economic shift.

At A&W Construction Services, Inc., we measure our success not by sales volume or numbers of jobs, but by the respect earned from our customers. Our long list of repeat customers is our most cherished accomplishment, and our goal is to tend too and grow that list every day.

In 2002 we built our office complex in Daytona Beach, Fl. We have been very fortunate to have quality tenants sharing this 46,000 sq.ft. building with us. We are located at 810 Fentress Court, Daytona Beach, Fl. 32117. Close to I-95 and directly down the road from the speedway.

aw construction
810 Fentress Ct,
Daytona Beach, Florida 32117
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