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Bpf Design Inc

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Brian P. Fredley, Associate AIA

BPF Design, Inc.
President and CEO

A native Floridian, Brian was born in Central Florida and completed his undergraduate work at the University of Florida. After Graduation, Brian decided to continue his educational pursuits in architecture and design in the Ivy League by attending the University of Pennsylvania, where he achieved a Masters of Architecture in 1993.

Brian’s passion is for design in all of its forms. With great attention to detail, Brian applies his passion for design, shape, color, and texture to all of the projects he works on. As President of BPF Design, Inc., Brian’s day-to-day role is to design and manage the production of residential, commercial, and industrial architectural projects of various scales. Brian and his family have been an active part of the Daytona Beach community since 1995.

As a natural extension of his love for architecture and design, Brian is a Member of the City of Daytona Beach Historic Preservation Board, whose mission it is to initiate and oversees the preservation of local historic buildings and landmarks. In line with that activity, Brian enjoys renovating and restoring historic buildings of his own, including the immaculate restoration of his historic office and riverfront home in the area.

Brian is also serious about fitness, participating in ultra-endurance running, triathlons, adventure racing, swimming, and cycling. He loves dogs, horses, and boating and enjoys traveling to tropical places, Thai and Japanese cuisine, movies and concerts, woodworking, yoga, and gardening.


Dallas B. Peacock, AIA

BPF Design, Inc.
Vice President and Architect

Dallas was born in Minnesota in 1939. Raised in a small town in central Minnesota and received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota in 1969. As a professional, Dallas has worked with firms in Minnesota, Colorado, Michigan, and Florida. During that time he has worked as a Designer, Project Manager and Architect on a wide variety of projects including condominiums, townhomes, commercial buildings, medical buildings, religious facilities, manufacturing facilities, retail facilities and private residences. After working in cities as far north as Minnesota, and as far west as Aspen, Dallas decided he wanted to get to a warm southern climate and be close to the ocean. So in 1982 moved to Florida.

Dallas joined the Architecture firm of BPF Design, Incorporated in 2005. With this phase of his career, he has been able to provide years of experience in the involvement of a wide range of projects offering quality design as well as bringing clients’ goals to reality within budget and on time. Dallas’ role as the firms qualifier is to provide supervising control of all instruments of services for the firm.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Dallas enjoys a wide variety of adventures, he was a professor of Architecture at Daytona State for over 20 years, is well traveled, and participates in a number of outdoor activities, including cycling and trout fishing. Dallas was once an avid snow skier as well but has few opportunities to pursue that passion in Florida, so skiing has largely been replaced with golf

Magale S. Silva

BPF Design, Inc.
Senior Project Manager

Born and raised in Porto Alegre, a coastal town located in southern Brazil near the border with Uruguay, Magale developed a desire to see the world at a young age. As an adult, Magale now considers travel to be one of her primary passions. She has traveled extensively throughout North and South America and Southern Europe where she explored another interest in learning new languages. Aside from her native Portuguese, Magale is fluent in English and Spanish and is “passable” in Italian.

When she is not globe-trotting around the world, Magale has a love for just about anything in the areas of art and design. She loves learning new art and design techniques in areas such as photography, painting, graphic design and furniture design, ceramics and patchwork quilting. She also enjoys a diverse variety of other artistic activities including film, music, literature and Haiku poetry.

Magale joined BPF in 2010 and since then has become a real asset to the business. Aside from being ever-helpful and consistently upbeat with our clients, Magale helps keep our internal operations up and running smoothly. A natural-born organizer, Magale manages the larger more complex commercial projects and oversees the administration division of the office.

bpf design
207 Fairview Ave
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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