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Dock Builders Orlando, at Fender Marine Construction, we have established ourselves as the primary dock builder for anything dock related in Orlando, Florida. We can build, design and repair docks of all shapes and sizes. We have been designing dock construction plans and building residential and commercial boat docks throughout Orlando, Florida since 2001. Our “Silver” boat dock design is an extremely strong and attractive basic dock model. It is the economical version of our other popular “Gold” and “Platinum” dock designs. The basic “Silver” dock comes with a 3 year warranty. Each design plan is created to provide you with a fully functional and convenient dock that fits your needs.

If you have dock construction plans in mind, let us help you built it. At Fender Marine Construction, we design and build custom docks with your desires and specifications in mind. The main difference between the custom and basic docks we build is the design process. With our basic docks, the plan is already determined. When you have a custom dock built by us, we will come up with a plan for the dock construction costs, structure, materials, and purpose with your input and assistance.





is the perfect access point for a lake or the ocean, whether to access the water for swimming, fishing, or boating, so if you are planning a commercial dock construction project, make sure you give us a call before you start. We have years of experience with commercial dock construction and are familiar with local building codes, so we will make sure that everything we build is secure and meets all requirements. A dock provides the property owner with an access point to the lake or ocean. We have years of experience designing and building custom docks for residential and commercial docks. Fender Marine Construction also specializes in basic docks, custom docks, floating docks, boat docks, commercial docks and dock repairs.

central fl dock seefice
55 Inlet Harbor Rd
suite 300
Ponce Inlet, fl 32127
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