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City Council still ‘gung-ho’ for First Step Shelter Plan

Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 10:15PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz


During Wednesday’s City Council at 6 p.m., The First Shelter, Inc. was the topic of a long discussion.


City Commissioner Aaron Delgado spread his concern about the plans regarding the leadership, and admission procedures of the First Shelter, Inc located in Daytona Beach. The concerns came to fruition after Commissioner Delgado, watched a judge try to assign an unknown man to the shelter.


Delgado expressed concerns that “we need to reconnect the course.” The plan was set for the shelter to anyone in any condition (in a non-destructive condition). But “that’s not what we’ve got.”


Commissioner Robert Gilliland of Zone 4, had some concerns about the leadership of the shelter being placed with Catholic Charities with three issues: What accommodations can be made to make intake more efficient, Re-evaluate if Catholic Charities are the right partner in terms of overhead and benefits could be re-budgeted to acquire more beds, and would the board operate better with non-elected people appointed to the board?


Commissioner Delgado’s other concerns rested with the resting spaces reserved for each city in the county, and that the plan was still in motion.


According to Mayor Derrick Henry of Daytona Beach, “that is a requirement and part of the lease, but something the board can consider with the other cities.” As far as Commissioner Gilliland’s concern with the leadership, “we agreed they would operate the facility,” the Mayor said.


At this time the proposal’s concerns have been pushed to the back burner to give the shelter time to evolve, and the Mayor thinks “the shelter is off to a great start.”


He also included First Step Shelter Board Member Roseanne Tornatone to say that “huge things were coming next week,” as per their scheduled board meeting on Monday.  

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