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Daytona Beach Contractor LLC

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You can call us for everything from ground up construction, to simple maintenance issues.

                   Why would you call a general contractor for simple maintenance issues?

Because I can save you money...

I like to use roofers as an easy to understand example. So you hire a roofer to re-roof your house or business. His employees are paid (in most cases) by the square. A square is 100 square foot of roofing. So the faster they go, the more of the roof they do, the more money they as an individual make. If that roofer finds rotten wood as he works. His incentive is to roof right over it... His boss would probably want it fixed but his boss is not usually there. Not saying they are bad, it's just that the rent is due, it's really hot today and that hotdog from 7 eleven is killing the gut about 2:30 in the afternoon... You get it. 

 However I get paid the same either way and if I let it slide I'm going get a call back, so I have no incentive to cut corners or to allow them to cut corners. Best of all, the subcontractors quote me lower prices than if they would likely quote you. Sometimes very low, because I know what the job actually entails. So you not only get my services at no extra cost, I can often save you a large percentage of the overall expense.

 Another advantage, if problems do arise you get to avoid any confrontation. I deal with the subcontractors, so if your not happy you don't have to worry about insulting anyones work. You talk to me and I handle the confrontation for you, especially when it comes to extra charges. You will never get a bill you were not expecting at the end of my projects, if they don't have a signed work order for extra work, they don't get any extra charges, period. 


That keeps our prices low and our quality high. So even if you don't qualify for benefits you still a get great deal, and of course the estimates are free of charge or obligation. All I ask is the opportunity to earn your business and

 I hope we can work together soon. 

Todd David Brasells has over 20 yrs experience in:

Additions/ Renovations  
Construction & Maintenance Consulting  
Maintenance Contracts
Commercial Building Maintenance 

Warehouse Construction 
Restaurant Construction 
Retail Build-Outs 

Special Adaptive Housing

                                                                                                          New to Hiring Contractors? 

I have compiled a collection of links to important industry institutions and resources, I also take the time to give you a backstage look at the construction industry. These are things that you need to be informed of to protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors, and people holding themselves out to be contractors. 

For example, how many times have you seen "Licensed & Insured" on the side of a work truck? Every licensed contractor knows, you are required by law to post your license number clearly on any marked vehicle.  So if you don't see the number, they most likely don't have the license.

For more information on this please click on the "Contractor Licensing" link at the top of this page located in "more"

Don't get ripped off!
Always check out your contractor at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Website.


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