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Daytona Beach Counseling Center

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If you are experiencing emotional pain, confusion, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, or any other condition that is adversely effecting your quality of life, the counselors and therapists at Daytona Beach Counseling Center are independent contractors that want to help. We want to earn your trust. We counsel veterans, adults, couples, families, teens and children in a wide variety of areas. People are experiencing healing and new hope.

Counseling is not only for people who are struggling with difficult relationships, addiction or depression. Professional counseling is for anyone who wants to thrive and maintain a healthy balance in their life. 

It is our belief that everyone has the potential for healing and personal growth. Clients of Daytona Beach Counseling Center find that their sessions help them live happier, more productive lives. This is especially true in today’s complicated, competitive and sometimes volatile world.

Daytona Beach Counseling Center is a supervised practice of independent mental health professionals and family therapists driven by their love for Christ. We are professionally trained and work hard to help you reach your goals. Thank you for taking a brave first step.


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215 S Palmetto Ave,
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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