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Good Samaritan Society-Daytona

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Every day at the Good Samaritan Society, we encounter people around us who are looking for love. Sometimes they are lonely or afraid. Others are facing difficult decisions. Still others just need a friend.

In today’s world, the word “love” is often used to portray feelings. Someone might say, “I’m in love” or “I’ve fallen in love.” 

But we also recognize love in another sense as a strong action word.

Love is the reason people make sacrifices for others. Love holds relationships together when feelings are gone. 

The Society’s mission is based in love. In fact, love is the motivation behind the care we provide. We are here because Christ loves us, and we want to share that love with others.

In recent months, we’ve begun to challenge ourselves to go the extra mile in finding new ways to share Christ’s love with the people around us. 

We’re highlighting eight profound traits that Jesus showed us. In addition to love, the traits are compassion, acceptance, joy, humility, honesty, courage and perseverance.

The Good Samaritan Society Way is the name we have given this emphasis. It’s a new way of talking about sharing God’s love. But it’s an extension of what we’ve always done and how we’ve always loved the people in our care. 

We’re accepting this challenge to bring these eight traits of Jesus into our daily work and relationships. 

We invite you to learn more about us.

325 S Segrave St.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
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