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Accessibility for the Collective Good

At Hollister Co., we believe in creating an inclusive brand experience, starting with accessibility. Whether you're shopping HollisterCo.com, using our mobile app, or engaging with us on other channels, our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident. In fact, our teams are consistently looking for new ways to improve your experience. If you’ve got a question, concern or suggestion that could help us do better, we want to hear from you. For English call our toll-free number


866-426-1285, for Spanish call


1-925-359-2573. You can also email us at



How We Do It

To ensure we maintain accessibility standards, we follow a specific process in every project and workflow. We have dedicated associates who are tasked with working with each team to make sure standards are followed, and accessibility patterns are considered.

  • A11Y Review Process

    Before development starts, our projects go through an accessibility review where our internal experts work with stakeholders to ensure accessibility concerns are identified.

  • Design System Standards

    At the center of our accessibility efforts is our Design System. This comprehensive set of design and development standards serves as a powerful tool to deliver accessible interfaces and experiences. Components we tested to WCAG 2.0 standards are in use throughout the company.

  • QA Testing

    Accessibility compliance is a part of our standard QA review and testing. Checking for focus states, proper alternative text, etc. is built into our standard testing procedures for our products. We test with standard web accessibility evaluation tools.

What We Do

  • Site Structure

    We use the proper syntax for elements on a page such as headings, paragraphs, buttons, etc. When needed, we supplement semantic HTML with aria-roles to provide users with correct context.

  • Equivalent Text

    For users who can’t see images, or video media, we are working to provide descriptive text or captions to ensure they can understand and navigate our site.

  • Keyboard Access

    Our interface components are designed to provide focus state indicators to ensure users can navigate through our experiences using only a keyboard or similar accessibility tools. We work to make sure there are no keyboard gaps and that the focus flow makes sense to the user.

  • Consistency

    To make our experiences easier to understand and navigate, we strive to create consistent patterns in our UI and throughout our products.

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