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K van D Photography

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Hi there. I am Karmen Van Derven. You can call me K.

My earliest memories revolve around photographs, flipping through family archives of albums and loose prints with my grandparents, treasuring candid Polaroids with my friends. Most of the memories I hold onto hard were reinforced by their documentation in imagery, remembered in laughter and tears years after the moment has passed. Documentary storytelling was in me before I knew what it even was. 

Once I became a mother I began the journey of trying to immortalize my own family, this love I always wanted and wished for - the baby moments, the eyelashes and chubby cheeks, the sweetness in reassuring embraces. I discovered treasure in these moments I captured and cherished them even more as an adult with a reference of time passed and seasons lost and loved ones gone.

I want to hang on to the ether of these moments. Roll them over in my mind, recreate them, again and again, with different actors, colors, faces. I want to give you moments that you can sift through and share with your loved ones and enjoy time and time again as books on your coffee table, prints in your hands, and art on your walls.

I will guide you through styling and preparation so that we can make something perfectly unique and beautiful out of your own personal chaos. Together we will figure out the perfect location and clothing to enhance your style and personality and emulate the more artful characteristics of your image composition. I will chase your children and make your husband laugh, and I will walk you through movements and poses and configurations that will capture interaction and connection and the essence of you. I will make you feel beautiful, and you will radiate with light and love.

I will tell your story. Whether it is your wedding day, the birth of a child, or an adventure with your family, I will show you a beauty that might even surprise you. 

I can't wait to connect and start telling this beautiful story of a moment in your life.
It's going to be so lovely.


k van phot
43 Marie Dr,
Ponce Inlet, Florida 32127
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