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aunched in Aug 2014, Nu Horizon Engineering sought to bring a new level of professional engineering consultation and products that goes beyond the horizon
Nu Horizon Engineering provides Engineering consultation for small to medium sized businesses and Entrepreneurs on solving challenges and development of product lines. Our company is also developing its own line of products called STABLE HORIZON. It is a gyrostabilized camera mount system for action cameras. This would allow for stabilization in the rolling axis as well as provide 30 degrees of pitch stabilization. (PATENT PENDING)






INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING CONSULTATION At Nu Horizon Engineering, our qualified engineers are intimately practiced in many industries including Aeronautical, Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Marine. We handle a variety of sized project you or your company may have. We strive to utilize the latest technology and engineering techniques to every challenging project we undertake. This means exceptional results in any engineering project Nu Horizon undertakes. HIGH CLASS QUALITY PRODUCTS Nu Horizon Engineering strives to provide top quality products that perform beyond expectation and are built to last. We take pride in selling products that utilize efficient engineering design at competitive prices. All products are inspected thoroughly by highly trained technicians for quality control prior to shipment. This ensures that each and every product meets our specifications where you the customer get high quality craftmanship every time!



Provide Innovative Engineering Solutions and Products that go Beyond the Horizon.

daytona beach connection
1500 Beville Rd
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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