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Narden Motorcycle SuperStore

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ust like any fabled story, was born in a similar fashion in the summer of June 2002 with a dream and a little bit of cash! One day walking down scenic Venice Beach, Jonathan, happened to run into a store called Anonymous Clothing. In the front window was a line of shirts from Dragonfly Clothing which featured famous rock and roll album covers and artist including: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Iron Maiden, The Doors, Bob Marley and others. Jonathan being an avid rock and roll fan--and child of the 70s--had to find out more about these shirts. He went in to talk to someone about purchasing the shirts and met the owner, David. David agreed to sell the shirts in bulk and the business was born!

From that moment on it was about expanding this collection of shirts and building a rock and roll clothing company around them. The name "Flyclothing" came to mind because it was reminiscent of a time when things were "cool," "hip" and "fly." was born and rock and roll apparel was never the same. "From day one, the business was a success," says owner Jonathan Hedden. "We were the first to the internet with many of the brands we carried." has pioneered many of the brands on the website including: Dragonfly Clothing, Positano Clothing, Davinci Clothing as well as fashion brands, English Laundry, Roar Clothing, Toku Clothing and many new brands. “Flyclothing is place where you can come to find something for the stage, for a night on the town or even pay homage to your favorite rock artist. We have fans and artists shop for cool apparel and accessories,“ says Jonny. “I wanted to build a store that represented a bit of everything I saw while walking the beaches in California and Flyclothing represents that."

It has been over 19 years since that moment and the company has since expanded into rock and roll, fashion and retro apparel. continues to focus on being the #1 destination for rock and roll clothing by expanding the product brands, delivering competitive pricing and an excellent customer experience.

norton bikes
954 Teresa St,
Daytona Beach, fl 32117
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