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BioReference is at the center of progress for patient care, providing testing and related services to physicians, clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers, government units, correctional institutions and more. We are a diversified commercial laboratory, humanizing and streamlining the process between data and diagnosis. As the largest full service specialty laboratory, servicing approximately 11 million patients annually, and with a leading position in genetics, women’s health and cancer, we are advancing the course of modern medicine.


BioReference has a reputation for doing things differently, and our vision is more expansive than just solving today’s problems. Our foresight and ingenuity have moved us from a concept to a billion-dollar laboratory medical practice, setting us on a course to advance modern medicine. While unparalleled diagnostics remain at our core, our ultimate goal is to help physicians provide better service and to empower patients with the knowledge to better care for themselves. Our full-service offering goes beyond the lab; our people and expertise are impacting every area of medicine from cancer research to psychiatry.

By Doctors, For Patients

BioReference is adapting to an evolving industry, and constantly investing in the resources, people and technology that will benefit both our business and our clients in the long term. With an unwavering focus on the needs of tomorrow, we’re blazing a trail for the future of our industry – one that is built by doctors, for doctors and patients.

As a physician-founded and run commercial laboratory, we understand doctors and their needs in ways that other labs don’t. We abide by the same oath and uphold the same standards of care. Every decision we make for our business and our clients are framed by the question: “What would a doctor do?” and every advance we make is accompanied by a responsibility to safeguard patient data. This compass has shaped a view of ourselves not as a company, but as a medical practice. One that caters to the needs of the ethnically and gender diverse populations we serve.

Laboratorio Buena Salud exists because we believe you shouldn’t have to “press 2” to reach someone who speaks your own language. GenPath Women’s Health was founded because we understand women’s health needs and know that with the right screening, testing and research we can save lives. GeneDx is at the forefront of genetic screening and analysis because nothing can be more precise than a diagnosis based on an individual’s DNA. The creation of my·labology is a natural extension of this care, putting power back into the patient’s hands and continuing a legacy of innovation and advancement for which BioReference Laboratories is known.

The Lab Reimagined

We believe people deserve better, and we’re moving our business away from a system that is geared toward volume to one that adds the most value. We’re constantly investing in the resources, people and technology that will benefit both our business and our clients in the long term. This means helping providers maximize efficiencies and better nurture their patient relationships. We want to save patients from unnecessary, costly and invasive procedures and give patients more control of their health. This is the real future of personalized care and the standard we are setting. And this is how we are the lab reimagined.

At BioReference, we are closing the gap between data and diagnosis and treating patients with information. We bring lab analytics to healthcare providers so physicians can better anticipate patient needs, and provide genetic counselors who offer precise insights into the best pathway to healing. It’s about gaining more access and more options, and in high-stakes circumstances, that can make all the difference.

The experience matters, and that’s why our clients choose to stay with us for the long haul. It’s also why we do things differently. While other laboratories may try to fit client needs into their system, we build our system around our clients’ needs. For us, collaborative medicine is what we practice. Whether it’s a blood sample, tumor biopsy or detection of BRCA mutations, our clients trust us for the right answers every time. More than that, clients rely on our counsel to yield the best outcomes, because, very often, doctors’ livelihoods and patients’ lives depend on them. The weight of that trust is what drives us to constantly seek new opportunities and innovations for our clients, lending our infrastructure and resources to medical experts with the power to create progress.

The Future of Medicine

Through joint ventures with top academic medical centers, BioReference is at the forefront of global R&D, enabling physicians and scientists to learn from each other in revolutionary ways. For us, it’s always about getting results versus “getting the credit,” and that’s why our philosophy has always been collaboration over competition. We’re here to help leaders in the medical community be better and do more because we recognize that these are collective wins with valuable and lasting societal impacts. From the pathologist behind the microscope to the office manager, all 5,000+ employees are a vital part of a medical team inspiring the future of medicine.

We envision a day when patients avoid the trauma of invasive procedures, parents don’t suffer from a child’s misdiagnosis and more people can afford to be healthy – and we’re laying the groundwork to make it happen.

It’s a big vision, but we aren’t going it alone. We’re supported by the breadth of resources across the entire OPKO network and together providing living proof that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. By applying our strength and capabilities to OPKO’s clinical pipeline, we’ll realize untapped synergies between therapeutics and diagnostics. Together we can create breakthrough medical testing, fast-track clinical trials and, ultimately, further progress in drug discovery and development.

We have the right tools, team and information, and today we stand on the precipice of change. Imagine a world where clinical trials take half the time because vast quantities of historic lab results remove the need for endless data collection; where cures can be discovered in a computer with a patient’s own genetic data; where every drug a patient gets is tailored to his or her genome.

At BioReference, we understand the practice and the importance of laboratory medicine in ways that others do not. As a result, we sit at the forefront of customized healthcare – the future of patient care. It’s about greater efficiencies, better outcomes and improved lives, and it all starts at the center: with the trust of our clients, the loyalty of our patients and the support of the amazing people and specialized services that make BioReference what it is today


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