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Sam's Club Hearing Aid Center

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At Sam's Club, our hearing aid specialists use a computer-controlled audiometer to complete a screening and state-of-the-art testing equipment to do a thorough examination of the external ear, ear canal and ear drum. Hearing tests can be done on Members 18 and older; annual follow-up screenings are free.

Based on the screening results, the hearing aid specialist will recommend the device that will best suit the Member's needs. This could mean a hearing aid (for a Member with hearing loss) or personal sound amplification products (for Members seeking special amplification in applications like hunting, bird watching or lectures). The hearing aid specialist also refers Members to a physician if their


hearing loss


indicates a potential medical problem.

Hearing aid specialists can provide education on the proper use and care of products as well as offering free programming of, and adjustments to, hearing aids. While Members are shopping, specialists can even provide quick cleanings and adjustments to help extend the life of hearing aids.

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1460 Cornerstone Blvd,
Daytona Beach, fl 32117
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