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The Orthopedic Clinic

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Our Promise to You

We are dedicated to providing compassionate, quality, and cutting-edge orthopedic care. While that’s important, the real value of our work comes in reinvigorating the day-to-day life of passionate people like you. People who love to bike, swim, walk, and run. People who love to play with their grandchildren and relax with their friends on the golf course or on the boat. And so much more. At The Orthopedic Clinic, we’re committed to helping you live your life in full-motion again.

The Orthopedic Clinic was founded in 1961 by Dr. Thurman Gillespy Jr., who was one of the first orthopedic surgeons in the Daytona Beach community. His practice provided much needed orthopedic care that wasn’t previously available, and it quickly grew to a multi-provider practice in East Central Florida.

Dr. Gillespy trained in an orthopedics program in Philadelphia, PA, where he met Dr. Gilbert Martin, Dr. Willis Stose and Dr. Mel Dodd who joined The Orthopedic clinic shortly after its inception. The founding partners believed that orthopedics was about treating the individual patient, not just the illness. They took the patient’s lifestyle and health goals into account before recommending a treatment plan.

Today, we still follow in our founder’s footsteps. Our mission is to provide quality, individualized healthcare to the community — one patient at a time.

orthopedic clinic
1890 Lpga Blvd
Daytona Beach, Florida 32117
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