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Volusia County Council Greenlights Beach Feasibility Study Amid Erosion Challenges Caused by Hurricanes

Tue, Feb 13, 2024 at 4:38PM

Volusia County Council Greenlights Beach Feasibility Study Amid Erosion Challenges Caused by Hurricanes

In a strategic response to the challenges posed by coastal erosion caused by Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, the Volusia County Council approved a Beach Feasibility Assessment during its February 6 meeting. The assessment will be conducted by the County's coastal engineering consultant, Taylor Engineering, to identify and address the county's most vulnerable coastline areas and propose long-term solutions to storm impacts and coastal erosion. This critical initiative is fully funded by using $462,655 in grant funds the County received from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection following the hurricanes.

This summer, Taylor Engineering and the County will arrange multiple public meetings and a virtual survey for residents, community members, and visitors to contribute their perspectives on future beach management activities.

"It's vital that residents actively participate, as the success of this feasibility study hinges on community input," said Volusia County Coastal Division Director Jessica Fentress. "Together, we will create a resilient coastal strategy that balances environmental concerns with the needs of each coastal community."

Taylor Engineering will analyze historic shoreline trends, erosion and accretion rates, and community-specific sand characteristics. A risk assessment will focus on the proximity of seawalls, buildings, and other structures to the changing shoreline. This evaluation aims to identify coastal areas requiring immediate and prioritized attention. The scope of the assessment will encompass an examination of a range of management measures, including but not limited to structures like groins, breakwaters, seawalls, and ecological solutions such as submerged artificial reefs, beach nourishment, and dune enhancements. 

The results of this assessment, which the consultant will present, will provide a recommended comprehensive plan for managing each segment of the coastline. This plan will be instrumental in seeking further funding and forming financial partnerships necessary for the design and execution of the recommended strategies to ensure the resiliency of the County's beaches for generations to come.

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