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Volusia County Family Court

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Life is hard enough. Everything we do here at is designed to help you get on with your life with a minimum of hassle, even when -- or especially when -- you're faced with life's tasks that are important but complicated -- like handling an inheritance, or dealing with filing for bankruptcy. or unemployment, or dealing with unfair treatment at work regarding your hours or pay. 

We help you learn what to do by providing you with free, quality information about the legal issues affecting your life, all without you having to sign up for anything for pay any money to anyone.  The internet is full of sharks out to take your money. We attempt to guide you through those shark-infested waters, to clear, reliable information that can help you solve your problem. 

Once you've learned about your problem, you should


get help if you need it. There is no shame in needing help from a lawyer or or an insurance broker to make sure you're getting things right. Your situation may be complicated. Not everyone is a do -it-yourself-er, and sometimes you need extra help. That's where our advertisers come in. You can contact a local professional through our "Talk to a Lawyer" free matching service. We help more than 10,000 consumers each year connect with a local professional this way.

At, we hope that the information and resources we provide here help make the hassles of your life a bit less of a hassle, so you can get on with your life. Good luck to you all!

Who We Are remains independently owned, and is not part of a giant conglomorate and has not been taken over by a giant hedge fund, unlike some other legal website you may be familar with. Legal Consumer's content is authored by a collection of smart lawyers with decades of experience delivering plain-spoken legal and practical information to the people who need it.

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