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Volusia County Teen Court

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Teen Court programs were established to prevent and reduce the occurrence of juvenile delinquent activity. Teen Courts are judicial diversion programs which use “positive peer pressure” and other appropriate sanctions to show the youthful offender the consequences of violating the law and the positive side of behaving in a more constructive manner. Teen Courts receive cases from the State Attorney’s Office by referral and local law enforcement agencies through civil citations. 

Students from area middle and high schools volunteer to participate in Teen Court. The responsibilities of Prosecutor, Defense Attorney and Clerk are those of the teen volunteers. The jury is comprised of Teen Court volunteers and former Teen Court offenders. Teen Court offenders must admit guilt before being accepted into the program. The “trial,” will determine an appropriate sentence. Examples of sentencing options include community service, restitution, letters of apology, essays, substance abuse education or counseling, peer group counseling and Teen Court jury duty.

The Court Administrator’s Office operates the Flagler County and Volusia County Teen Court programs. The St. Johns County Clerk of Court’s office operates a Teen Court program in St. Johns County. 

volusia county teen
1845 Holsonback Dr,
Daytona Beach, Florida 32117
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