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Did You Know E-bikes Can Be a Fire Hazard?

Tue, Mar 26, 2024 at 9:15AM

Did You Know E-bikes Can Be a Fire Hazard?

You see them everywhere you go - E-bikes, scooters, hoverboards, and other mobility devices powered by lithium-ion batteries. Electric-powered riding has become popular. If you own one, are you aware of the safety suggestions? Many people store and charge electric bikes and boards in their homes. However, the devices’ lithium-ion batteries and chargers present serious fire safety hazards. 

Be aware of:

• Any fire or smoke  

• Battery overheating, or a change in battery shape or color

• Strange battery smell 

• Battery leaking or making odd noises

Powered Mobility Device Fire Safety Suggestions:

• BUY only e-bikes or other mobility devices that are CERTIFIED by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Look for symbols such as UL, ETL and CSA. WHY? The laboratories test these products to make sure they meet industry standards and are safe to operate under normal circumstances.

• USE the original battery, power adapter, and power cord supplied with the device, or a manufacturer-recommended and/or a testing laboratory-certified replacement. NEVER use unapproved batteries/chargers, even if they are much less expensive. WHY? Unapproved batteries or chargers may not be designed to work with an e-bike or e-bike battery. RESULT: An unapproved battery may overcharge, overheat, and catch on fire.

• PLUG the e-bike directly into an electrical wall outlet when charging. NEVER charge an e-bike or e-bike battery with an extension cord or power strip. WHY? Lithium-ion battery charging requires a lot of electrical current, more than most extension cords and power strips can handle. RESULT: The extension cord or power cord can overheat and cause a fire.

• CHARGE your e-bike or other device in a safe facility, not in your home, if possible. If you live in an apartment, condominium, or townhome ask your property manager if they can provide a safe charging and storage facility. WHY? Lithium-ion batteries store a lot of energy and when they overheat they release intense energy. Most homes are not sprinklered and many furnishings and household items are highly combustible. RESULT: A fire in your home can be devastating.

• MAKE SURE you have a way out of the home in the event of fire. NEVER charge your e-bike next to the entrance door or any other place where it could prevent your escape.

• MONITOR your e-bike or e-bike battery when it is being charged.

• READ the manufacturer’s charging and storage instructions and follow them. NEVER charge the battery overnight or when you are not at home. 

• NEVER charge an e-bike or e-bike battery on or near your bed or couch, or close to drapes, papers, or other combustible materials.

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