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Local Organization proposes Go Green Initiative to Daytona Beach City Commission.

Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 1:45PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz


Dream Green Volusia is proposing a list of goals for the Daytona Beach City Commission to reduce waste and pollution throughout the city.


At a City Commission meeting earlier this week Suzanne Scheiber, Founder of Dream Green Volusia propositioned Daytona Beach’s City Commission to implement a Go Green Initiative, ask that they cease the production and sale of its award-winning bottled water, after they diminish its current supply.


Scheiber claims “The city isn’t making money on the sale,” and is looking to have Daytona Beach and the City Commission turn towards a Go Green Initiative and Green Tourism.


The proposition includes a list of goals that were posted to Dream Green Volusia’s Facebook page.


  • Stop the sale of bottled water after diminishing the city’s current supply.


  • Integrate four or more refill stations (with capability to refill re-usable bottles) throughout the city. Procure sponsors and city funds to pay for the project.



  • Implement an Adopt-a-Drain program aiding in preventing trash, debris, and run off from herbicides and fertilizer from entering storm drains.


  • Ask Chamber and City Officials to back a Go Green Business recognition program.



  • Ask the City Commission to improve Home Rule at the State level for the plastic laws that were adopted back in 2008.


The proposition of these goals are to help the city reduce plastic waste and pollution throughout the city.

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